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Artist's Statement

   Using multimedia installation, my project “In Bed we are Gods, in Youth we are Devils” explores the limitations of representational art and its capacity for expressing the identity of the human subject. The final product takes the various forms of video, paintings, sound sculpture and digital drawings placed in an installation. The project employs an interdisciplinary methodology combining oral history, memory studies, and documentary theory to develop a systematized procedure which dictates the form of the artwork. Repetition and juxtaposition across mediums are key as the comparative nature of the installation illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of each medium and their representational ability.  The projected has been divided into chapters with one individual at the center of each chapter. A secondary aspect of the project is analyzing the how emotional proximity to the subject creates drastic variations in the aesthetic decisions made for the artwork. Each individual has been selected for the importance of their relationship to the artist ranging from closest friends to new acquaintances. The range of relationships is crucial to the project as the variations in which each person is characterized may possibly provide insight into how the artist's objectivity is breached by both emotional and aesthetic decisions. Time becomes an element of the methodology, as the study of the subject takes place over the course of months or years. During my study, I collect video clips, audio recordings, photos, and sketches of my subject as raw materials for final pieces. Ultimately, the project does not seek to provide answers, but rather provides data which should be utilized in a deeper investigation of the relationship between representation and identity.

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