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  The longevity of a home is invisible to us who inhabit it. When the history of a home becomes visible we refer to it as ghosts or a haunting, however this phenomena reflects the relationship we have with the unseen memories of the place we now occupy. We greet the life of a house with fear. We have no ability to see it, touch it or understand it as our living there eradicates the context of the previous inhabitants. The barrier which separates this experiences is time itself.


   But Candles in the House of time is two day experimental performance by Adam Tenorio and Stijn Van Erp. The performance will take place in an inhabited apartment as the project seeks to highlight the quotidien drama of the domestic and the invisible passage of time in the home. 

   The 30 minute immersive performance will ask the audience to consider their relationship with time in the domestic space and the invisible marks left on the home made through the act of living.

But Candles in the House of time 

    The piece will feature audio and video recordings and we are currently searching for participants. We are looking for people willing to be interviewed about their relationship to their homes, their personal space, and their memories of their first homes. Additionally we are searching to collect stories about homes and objects that carry a sense of nostalgia, be it a backpack, a photo, a spoon, etc.

  In order to participate you would agree to attend a filming and interview session in the exhibition space in utrecht. Filming will take place over the course of two weekends, we ask that you attend one of the filming sessions. If you are interested please fill out the registration form below or contact


Open-call for participants

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