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 Elegance Within Us Artistic Society was created by me in 2012 in order to promote new artist and to show the importance of the fine arts in our education and community all. The Elegance Within Us Artistic Society is something that he hope to continue because to me this isn’t just another project for me this was a chance to help the community through the visual and preforming arts.  Through generous funding from  Davids Bridal and Men's Warehouse we were able to obtain garments  for the fashion show at the end of the opening Gala.


Unfortunately due to certain forces within the school I was unable to complete this project. However, this project still continues to affect former members as we still have an unofficial support system in place. Personally I was also able to learn  about dealing with large projects and we were also able to help provide some artists with a platform for their work. Thus I feel that their hard work should not go unnoticed and would like to take a minuet to thank all those artist who where able to make part of my dream to come true.  To my models who supported me all the way, my head photographer Itamar Benitez my mentor Rachel Younkin and to all those whom have gone unnamed. 


Here are some highlights from the work we were able to do: 

*Photo's courtesy of : Itamar Benitez and Alexandria Collier



Elegance Within Us Artistic Society- 2012

design courtesy of Itamar Benitez 

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