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Eat Me.


A project which started in 2013 with help of Cellia Garcia and myself, we started a magazine as a spin off of the Elegance Within Us project. We were lucky enough to get interviews from top industry professionals such as NoéMie Schwaller of DASH magazine, fashion illustrator and artist Cheslea Mclaren, and the italian street artist Alice. Here is an article written by me on DASH magazine for Eat. Me. magazine.


Dash magazine is an innovative fresh and charming new magazine based in London. Like most great discoveries I just so happened to stumble upon Dash when I was rummaging through the magazines at Barnes and nobles here in Houston Texas and I ended up making a wonderful little discovery. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this odd looking magazine with one of the most original illustrations I had ever seen on the front of a magazine I picked it up seeing it was the last one available and I took this as a promising sign. "Well I guess people like it if it’s down to the last one." I said to myself, well thank goodness I found it otherwise I never would have would have found what has now become a personal favorite. When I opened up the magazine I was greeted not by an innumerable amount of dull adverts that I had seen a million times over but by an actual introduction written by NoéMie Schwaller the editor in chief of Dash, that elegantly stated the purpose and the fantasy that is Dash. As I looked through the rest of the magazine I was drawn into a world where fashion met art.

illustrations were used to help tell magnificent stories. Dash was really a relief for sore eyes as far as art goes, I was head over heels for Dash and that lead me to schedule the interview that  have brought to you today. when I first emailed dash I was expecting not to hear back for weeks but to my absolute shock it had not been 2 days and I had already received a reply and from the Editor-In-Chief no less, I was gob smacked when I tried to do this with other magazines it took more than a fair bit of time to get a reply if they ever did, I knew I was in for a treat. And when I called for the interview I was greeted by the ever lovely and charming NoéMie Schwaller who elegantly answered each of my questions.


Here is the interview with Dash editor and Chief NoéMie Schwaller Me:


What is the purpose of Dash Magazine?


NoéMie: "Well the purpose of Dash is to provide a new written experience using illustration in fashion and art and to expose new emerging talents especially those from London"

Me: When and Why was dash magazine created?


NoéMie: "Dash actually started as my MA project and then grew form that into what you see today and the original project was started in 2011 and the first issue of Dash was released on February 15 2012."



Me: Wow that's quite fantastic but how did a brand new London magazine find its way down to Houston Texas?


NoéMie: " Well that's all thanks to our wonderful distributor Pineapple Media who is able to send us all over the world."


Me: So what exactly influences the style of the magazine?


NoéMie: "Well mostly the illustration and the concept that we try to follow"


Me: What would you consider to be art?


NoéMie: "Wow well we could sit here and talk about that for days, weeks and even years, but I think that fundamentally art is a breath of fresh air."


Me: I couldn't agree more, and what do you consider when you are deciding what piece goes into your magazine? Is it based on the worth of the piece or on the monetary value?


NoéMie: "Well like most magazines it depends on both. We have to take into consideration how this will sit with the audience whether it is intriguing or not if it fits with the overall concept of the magazine and how popular it will be. But right now we are still in the stages of where we can kind of do whatever we want which is nice."


Me: Ya it’s always good to have that creative freedom, now I'm going to ask you a bit of a different question. What do you think the current state of art is and by that I mean do you think that what we call art today is really art?


NoéMie:" Well yes in its own way, but I think today's art is more questioning as oppose as to try and offer answers to life like it used to do."


Me: that's interesting and what role do you think that art plays in our society?'


NoéMie: " Well I think that art has always been needed in our society we have always had a need for self-expressions so we have always needed art and i think that we especially need to be able to express ourselves in today's world so art is definitely a key on our society"


Me: And one last question what do you perceive the future of dash magazine to be and what are your hopes for it in the future?


NoéMie: "Well I expect it to grow and as far as its future I expect it to be bright and illustrated."


Me: I think it will be just that well thank you for your time and I look forward to the next edition


NoéMie: "Thank you and I hope our magazine finds its way back down to you" Me: I hope so too, thanks again."


I think that Dash is truly a work of art because as NoéMie said it is truly a breath of fresh air, it combines new ideas and stories which are all elegantly and uniquely presented  theough wonderful layouts and collaborations with various artists. So if you haven't gotten a copy yet I suggest going and getting one right now because it is a magazine like no other that promises to flourish into a wonderful moment for art and fashion, truly Dash magazine is an icon of elegance and innovation.


Get your copy today at


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